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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  April 22, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:this video really illustrates its power. >> reporter:seemingly at the drop of a hat.dramatic shifts in wind direction.complicating matters for firefighters. the wind fueled the fire.and caused crews to constantly account for it. kron-4 viewers captured the scene too. >> reporter:one firefighter did receive injuries when hot fire fell on him
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>> reporter:people emailing breaking-news at sending us images. people out in the street. >> reporter:a dramatic scene.again.damage to three buildings. and one firefighter injured. >> pam: devloping tonight. >>er. authorities say, he snuck onto the tarmac at san jose airport. climbed up the wheelwell of
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a plane -- and ended up in hawaii. >> pam: tonight -- after that dangerous trip, the 15- year-old stowaway is in a hospital in honolulu. >> pam: he is said to be in stable condition. police in hawaii say, he was actually trying to get back to somalia. >> pam: new tonight -- kron- 4 has learned. the stowaway boy went to santa clara high school. we talked students there who say, the teen recently transferred to the school. but was not happy. >>he wanted to go back home. >>i heard that he was not happy here. >>shy and quiet >>shocked by the whole thing and happy that he is okay.
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>> pam: also new tonight. kron 4's terisa estacio tracked down exactly where the stowaway teen lives. and talked to neighbors. >> reporter:moved in recently. quiet and keep to themselves. although, they do say hi. >> the whole idea of just doing that. coming one from whitey. complete opposite from hawaii >> reporter: as a father did it make your heart week that
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he was ok >>yes. >> reporter: >> i used to evening walks. >> reporter: conversing the stowaway boy? have you ever seen him? >>madbe maybe once or twice >> pam: this stowaway incident has raised a lot of significant questions about airport security. >> pam: california congressman eric swalwell. today called for a federal audit of airport perimeter security nationwide.
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>> pam: swalwell sits on the homeland security subcomittee. and says, there has not been a review since 2009. swalwell says, what happened at san jose airport is just the latest perimenter securty breach. >> pam: san jose city lawmakers are concerned too. >> pam: kron 4's rob fladeboe took a san jose city official for a tour along the fence line which the teen allegedly hopped over. for reaction. >> reporter:san jose city councilman sam liccardo, whose district includes the airport, points out the airport fence meets federal standards but if it can't keep a 15-year-old out, what about a hijacker or a terrorist. >> reporter:what was good enough when the fence was built decades ago may not be good enough now as the airport has and continues to grow. whats more, we found several spots where the fence is in disrepair.heres a spot where someone could crawl underneath and here's another spot where a tree appears to have pulled down a >>we have to ask ourselves... is this really good enough?
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>> reporter: section. liccardo says it's time for a closer look. >>we are all responsible here and continue conversation with the feds. we should all take a closer look. >> reporter:new video tonight. showing exactly how easy it is, to climb into the wheelwell of an airplane and stow away. reporter gary tuchman climbed onboard.
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people >> reporter:this is southern california aviation airport in victorville, california in the desert where airlines all over the world bring their planes they're not using anymore. we're going to demonstrate to you how someone would get in a wheel well in an aircraft. >> reporter:this is a boeing 7-67 that used to be used. this is the door that is closed. but there is a way to sneak in a hole to get in the wheel well. and we'll show you how the process would start according to experts here. >> reporter:someone who wanted to get into the wheel well would get on one of the two tires. >> reporter:and step on the bars right here. climb all the way to the top right here. and this right here is where an opening would be to climb into the landing gear wheel well. once someone would climb through that hole they would end up here. >> reporter:and i'm going to show you what happens after they climb through that hole. they get in this area. this is the wheel well area.
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and we're told there's only really one place to sit where you could possibly survive. because when the wheels move in. the two huge wheels. >> reporter:they come right here. there's no room. except for right here in this spot. and this is where you would have to sit with your knees close to you. the wheel well would close. the two tires right here. and this is the only place where you could possibly survive. thee's nothing stupider in the world to do. but this is where you can do it. >> pam:and keep it here on kron-4 for the latest on the stowaway teen. on our website, you can learn about the dangers of stowing away on a plane. the latest on the teens condition. and more on the airport security concerns this incident is raising. >> pam:coming up at 5:15. after a lot of heated debate. researchers say, they have answered the question - are mammograms doing more harm than good. >> pam:then. >> pam:the u.s. supreme
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court weighs in on a major affirmative action case. do colleges have to consider race when admitting students. >> pam:and next. constantly misplacing things? we'll tell you about a funny cure. to memory loss. >> jacqueline:very windy out there today!
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>> reporter:here's some news that oughtlaughing is good for yourit's no joke. >> reporter:a new study shows humor can go a long way in improving short-term memory in older adults. researchers at loma linda university in southern california studied people who watched a funny video distraction-free for 20 minutes, while a control group sat calmly with no video. >> reporter:they conducted memory tests and had saliva samples analyzed for stress hormones. you guessed it; those who got a good belly laugh had amped up memory and recall. and the added bonus - stress hormones dropped off too. >> reporter:maybe it's not such a waste of time to watch all those funny viral videos at work, after all. pam? >> pam:still ahead. >> pam:the highly contagious disease showing up at a bay area elementary school. causing concern among health officials. but first. we get answers about the golden state warriors' fast-
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>> catherine:in an ongoing debate overresearchers say that false- limited effect on anxiety. study from dartmouth college. >> catherine:the fact that many women get wrong results has had some experts suggesting that frequent mammograms may be unnecessary. but the new study argues that the tests do more for the overall good of a patient -- despite some flawed results and anxious moments. but the research also underlines the fact that a 'lot' of women get readings suggesting they have breast cancer - when that turns out to be untrue. >> catherine:in fact over a decade -- there's a 61 percent chance that a woman who gets yearly >> catherine:tests - will have at least one false- positive result.
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>> jacqueline: we have seen 40 mi. an hour range. 20 mount hour winds 21 and concord and vallejo dust are even stroll on that. strongerthan that. the winds are going to be dying down. clear skies more cloud coverage approaching off shore. cooler temperatures partly cloudy and warmer with another chance of rain later in the week.
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>> pam: san jose police are investigating what may be the city's 12th- homicide this year. police say, the body was discovered this morning, around- 8. on monterey road near staffer. that's about a quarter of a mile east of highway- 87. >> pam: emergency crews arrived to find a body in a parking lot. police say, the man was not carrying any identification. >> pam: no word on cause of death, but police say he did have "visible injuries." >> pam: police in oakland are also investigating a shooting that left a man dead in a car. it happened yesterday evening. in the 14-hundred block of 104th avenue, near the san leandro border. police say, a man was shot while sitting in a car. he was pronoucned dead at the scene. so far no word on suspects or a possible motive. >> pam: berkeley police at the university of california. attack a woman. figure out why the man drove
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>> reporter: >> not know what caused the fire just yet. >> there is quite a bit of damage on the first floor. manley and a lot of smoke. its disparate up to the second floor. making sure the fire is actually out. >> reporter: above the unit and both sides you make sure that it was not getting into the apartment. the smoke that is. >> reporter: a lot of resources and no injuries. reporting from san francisco will trend kron 4 news.
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>> pam: berkeley police at the university of california are looking for a man who ordered his bulk to attack a woman. to attack a woman. police say, the woman was with friends at people's park on sunday night when they got into a confrontation with another group. according to the police a man in the group had paid a command to his put the ball and the gulf attacked the woman. she escaped, and was treated for bike injuries on her arm. officers are still looking for the man and his dog. they say he has been trying a tattoo on his chance and blond dreadlocks and the pit bull is tan color.
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>> pam: and 8 year old little girl was killed in this devastating crash on highway 85 in cupertino yesterday after an afternoon. officials say, a woman and two children were part northbound no. of the and the exit according to the police and meant in a jeep wrangler sped down the shoulder and hit the monster so hard if flow across all three lanes of the highway. the chp is still trying to figure out why the man drove on the shoulder but believe drug or a call or not a factor. he is the hospital right now along with the surviving woman and child. >> pam: next help these hit a bunch of california police when they were least expecting it. and the salute the criminals got away with. >> pam: de then handle with no care? shocking video of
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how a post office employees allegedly handled a delicate package. h,z/
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>> pam: who do the police call when *they're* the victims of a crime? a brazen thief took off with stolen loot belonging to. of all people. law enforcement officers! the officers were trying to help out a good cause over the weekend when the crime happened. kimberly chen explains. >> reporter:an lapd football game for charity. >>"our department versus law enforcement agencies from san diego." >> reporter:but while roughly 100 off duty personnel from various agencies were on the field at bishop mora salesian high school in boyle heights saturday, a thief was scoring big in the locker room. >>"it is pretty brazen to break into a facility during day time hours with numerous people on the campus" >> reporter:lapd confirms three handguns, four badges, jewelry and cash were stolen >>"all our equipment is accounted for it wasn't our
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officers. it looks like the equipment belonged to the other agencies san diego pd and border patrol" >> reporter:the san diego sheriff's department says at least one of their deputies was also a victim. the crime happened around 5:30 near half time. >>"i'm a photographer just covering the game." >> reporter:eric sarni says it was a packed house but during the break, the san diego team went into their locker room. >> reporter:then an unusual delay >>"it was already over 20 minutes and i was like thinking what's going on here. the helicopter was up in the air." >> reporter:lapd says the san diego team had a separate locker room. the stolen items were in duffle bags. according to lapd, their were no signs of forced entry. >> reporter:it's possible an exterior door was left ajar
5:27 pm
and a thief walked right in. a canine was used to try and track down a suspect but was unsuccessful. >> pam:yesterday officers and a police k-9 were seen working near the football field where the crime happened. coming up at 5:30. the latest on the warriors new game plan. for a san francisco stadium. then. before you hit ocean beach this summer. the new rules aimed at avoiding crime and messes. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children
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>> pam: surprise announcement brought nor questions and grant lotus is here with questions. >> reporter: bone boom! new plan and new home! >> we actually look at this site going 22 years ago and bought but it was too expensive. about six weeks ago we called joe lake and
5:31 pm
the he said he was about to place 12 a. on the market it was a wonderful place for what you guys are trying to do. last saturday night after the game to the clippers we signed the purchase agreement. we paid a very high price. we have taken a lot of risk. to get to the official line. we really did want the waterfront and san francisco but that was not a perfect project. we need to be in the ground in 2016 to open up in 2018. the city is moving in that direction. we
5:32 pm
really saw an opportunity. first we have to get to san francisco. we will deal with that of the path is certain. >> reporter: the company changed its plan. construction of the new arena will trigger development and the bayfront park. the green area right here currently nothing but asphalt and concrete. >> pam: de suffered a big play off aid to the clippers' last night. jason appelbaum is here with a more sports >> reporter: we will have a joke like a hit on the owner of to talk about the news side and then leaving oakland officially.
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>> reporter:warriors blasted in game 2 mark jackson a long game for him and the warriors last night >> reporter:blake griffin after playing only 19 minutes in game one scored a career-playoff-high 35 points the clippers lead by 26 at halftime >> reporter: 30 playoff loss in franchise history 3rd! >> we were awful we own that we played bad we have to get better we will make the adjustments! we look for to thursday. >> reporter: you have to give mark johnson he always steps up mark jackson.
5:34 pm
admitting when its not the best >> reporter:chris paul had 10 assists to go with 14 points deandre jordan had 11 points and 9 rebounds the clips win 138-98 to tie series at a game each jackson his team is back home for thursday night's game 3 here is david lee and the coach on last night's >> catherine: the supreme court has dealt a blow to affirmative action. >> catherine: in a 6-2 decision - the court today upheld michigan's ban on using race as a factor in college admissions. >> catherine: should race be a factor in deciding who gets into a college? the supreme court says -- not necessarily. michigan's voter-approved ban on the use of race as a factor - is going to stick. >> catherine: "what the supreme court said can have affirmative action, but you don't have to have affirmative action." >> catherine: in 2006, michigan voters passed a law prohibiting publicly funded colleges from giving preferential treatment to
5:35 pm
anyone based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. >> catherine: that opened the door to lots of lawsuits.including many from civil rights groups. but in tuesday's ruling - the court upheld the ban. "it's going to open the door.will look at this same approach." >> catherine: justice anthony kennedy wrote the majority opinion -- saying it's up to voters to decide. tuesday's ruling could set up a whole new set of questions. >> catherine: a woman who successfully sued the university of michigan over racial preferences says the supreme court decision is a 'victory' for voters and the state. >> catherine: she says it's good news for university applicants who will know that they're being accepted or rejected based on merit. as for california - prop 209 in 1996 banned the consideration of race and gender
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>> catherine: in university admissions. legal challenges to that proposition have failed. >> catherine: the confirmed death toll from the ferry sinking in south korea has reached 128 -- with about 180 people still missing. >> catherine: divers today managed to enter the cafeteria - where it's believed a lot of the students had gathered as the boat began to sink. >> catherine: today a crew member says the crew tried to bring the ferry upright when it started listing -- but that 'various devices' didn't work. meantime, four more crew members have been arrested - bringing the total to nine, including the captain. they're accused of abandoning ship and failing to protect the passengers. >> catherine: stories of other crew members are emerging however - who gave their life-jackets to passengers and helped them get off the boat. china is expanding its
5:37 pm
search for the missing malaysian airliner. ten ships are searching the ocean surface. while a navy robotic submarine is finishing its 9th mission scanning the sea floor. the sub has covered more than 80 percent of the area it's supposed to be searching - and nothing related to the missing plane has been found. >> catherine: today's search was cut short because of bad weather. and authorities have postponed a meeting with the relatives of passengers. but it probably doesn't make much difference - since they haven't had any solid answers to share with them. coming up at 5:45. the health concerns at a bay area elementary school. over a highly contagious disease. and next. we have video that might make you think twice. before ordering anything i'm m-a-r-and haveopd. m j-f-f
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>> catherine: a couple in kentucky were shocked by how some recent packages were delivered. they happened to check the video on their surveillance camera when they saw the postal worker launching their packages out the window of his car. >> catherine: he didn't bother to get out.he just threw them across the driveway. the packages hit the ground with big thuds.and one of them contained a high- priced tablet. jill smith says she ran and told her husband -- 'you have to see this'. they complained to the local >> postal service and didn't get much response. when they contacted the u.s. postal service.they got a sort of apology.
5:42 pm
>>with a statement saying this would be investigated. but it's not clear yet what - if anything - will happen to that delivery person. the tablet did not appear to be damaged - but jill says amazon has agreed to replace it anyway.
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so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first. but >> reporter: >> pam: a confirmed case of whooping cough at morello park elementary school in marinez. >> pam: contra costa heath services officials say a 9- year-old student was recently diagnosed with the highly contagious disease. last friday morello elementary school parents received notice from martinez unified school district about the situation. school officials say so far just the one case has been reported. contra costa health services officials recommend being vacinated to help prevent the spead of the whooping cough. >> pam: summer is coming and if you're planning to hit ocean beach be aware of some new rules. the national park service is only allowing fire burning until 9 p-m instead of 10 p- m. however, they're adding more fire pits.
5:46 pm
>> pam: five existing pits will be replaced with 10 larger pits. the new rules go into affect starting memorial day weekend until labor day weekend. alcohol, glass and illegal drugs will stay banned at the beach. >> pam: at the monterey beach, health officials are telling people not to go in the water because of high levels of bacteria. >> pam: the health department says it found unsafe levels in samples taken yesterday. health officials say sources of bacteria can include marine life, human activity and runoff from storm drains. the swimming advisory will stay in place until samples show the bacteria has returned to a safe level. >> jacqueline: when a gust at 30 mi. an hour. 36 in vallejo and 30 in san jose. 29 mi. an livermore and the upper 20s. at this hour. surely mainly clear skies with the wind out of the bay
5:47 pm
area and to see the cloud cover approaching from off shore as. cacique, winds calmed down this evening with chills. in to the wednesday cloud cover huge assault and a little bit warmer than what we saw this afternoon. we do have a chance for rain coming on friday. in temperatures of the door tomorrow morning according to the bay area to purple on the screen weenies into the '30's. the '50s and '60s as we head into the noon hour. in to the 3:00 hour just a couple of 70's up there tomorrow. at the coast we will be in the '50s. down the peninsula would be in the upper 60s as san mateo and read what city. was the 65 and selling antril and castro valley.
5:48 pm
san leandro. walnut creek 70 degrees there and the same think for pittsburgh. sixties as well pretty close in san jose and campbell. finally north bay temperatures in the '60s for the most part with 70 in napa and 72 and fairfield. >> jacqueline: by friday dick the drop off in the storm comes in. >> catherine: president obama has taken an aerial tour of the community in washington state where more than three dozen people were month. this was his departure earlier today. shothe also met with families who lost
5:49 pm
relatives.and talked to the rescue workers about the ongoing search for bodies. >> catherine: the slide killed at least 41 people and wiped out dozens of homes. two names remain on the list of those missing. from washington - the tokyo.the first stop on a four-country visit to the region. >> catherine: the u.s. chemical safety board says that last year's deadly explosion at a fertilizer plant in west texas was preventable. the chairman says it should never have happened.and the company had not taken the necessary steps to 'keep' something like this from happening. this was the scene about a year ago - where the explosion killed 15 people. another 226 people were injured. >> catherine: the board also criticized government regulators for not identifying the serious hazards that led to the explosion. >> gary: >> reporter: your current
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user you will see a buck or to edit next year for annapolis but if you were grandfathered in this year there are no promises. netflix. great quarter so, hitting new users for $10 instead of $8 >> reporter: >> they did not want to lose the broadcast reach transmission relationships with cable companies and
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>> ".really shocked but really glad he made it and that he's alright >> pam:at six. classmates of the teen stowaway speak out. >> pam:tonight -- the 15- year old boy from santa clara is resting at a hospital in honolulu. the santa clara teen is reported to be inmiraculously survived a 5-and-a-half hour flight stowed away in the wheel well of a hawaiian airlines plane. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: right now -- he is still in custody of child welfare services. officials did not say when the teenager will be heading back to the south bay. in the meantime, word tonight that the boy was on
6:01 pm
the grounds at san jose airport for seven hours. and now as you'd expect. airport security is coming under intense scrutiny. kron four's rob fladeboe spoke to an official who says, the city can do better. >> reporter: told by both brazil or in part where it also hunter and his security and surveillance been. barb wire which may show him on airport property several hours before he climbed into the will will of weel weell of that plane. >>i do not want to prejud gadhafi'sge before we have more details.
6:02 pm
>> pam: >> pam: continuing our team coverage. we're learning more about the 15- year old stowaway. he is a student santa clara high school. >> pam: kron 4's john fenoglio know the teenager, and shed some light on the boy who has raised everyone's curiousity. ... >> pam: we are learning more tonight about a 15-year-old santa clara boy who hid in the wheel well of a plane at san jose international airport and survived a flight to hawaii. kron 4 has learned that the teen attended santa clara high school and as our john fenoglio reports, classmates say he was shy and quiet student. >>"he's a good kid; one of those people you could tell a secret if you needed to." >>he was from somalia, and a sophmore. >>he felt out of place , a
6:03 pm
little bit. >>i think that he really missed his mother. he kind of wanted to go back >> reporter:tonight we're learning more about where the 15-year old lived in santa clara.and the typical demeanor of the family. >> reporter:neighbors say the teen moved into the house on forbes avenue several months ago with his family a mom, dad and two sisters
6:04 pm
>> reporter:people living in the area say the family is quiet and mostly keep to themselves but are friendly and say hi >> reporter:neighbors we talked to say they never heard or saw the family arguing. >> reporter:we'll continue to cover the story online. check out kron4-dot-com -- where experts weigh in and explain how the teenager defied odds and survived the ride. >> reporter:also -- we have a reporter likely climbed into a plane's wheel well. that's all on kron4-dot-com >> pam:firefighters battled a house fire in san francisco. which spread to at least two other buildings. flames broke out on walter street -- between duboce avenue and 14th street. >> pam:this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c 7 news. firefighters fought the flames from the ground and on top of the roof. >> pam:the fire broke out around one- thirty this afternoon. the fire department arrived on scene
6:05 pm
within minutes, but strong winds spread the flames quickly. prompting crews to upgrade the blaze >> pam:one woman who works nearby, described a chaotic scene as the fire grew. >>hear people screaming.. fire fire.. a lot of flames and smoke and the wind makes the fire go more quickly. >> pam:fire fighters were able to get the fire under control by around 3 o'clock. one injures, when hot tar fell on him. he was taken to the hospital. no one in the homes was injured. and the red cross is on scene providing assistance. no word yet on exactly how the fire started. >> pam:tonight -- a health alert for parents in martinez. >> pam:a 9- year old student
6:06 pm
at morello park elementary. has been cough. kron4's haaziq madyun spoke to concerned parents. precautions. after the school notified them about the contagious disease popping up at the school. >>"a letter sent home with my had its had it" >> pam:that is how gina bangert of martinez learned that a 9-year-old student here at morello park elementary school was recently diagnosed with pertusismore commonly known as whooping cough >>"there's all kinds of thoughts that go around about it, there are parents that say if you just get your kids vaccinated that it wouldn't be an issue there are lots of diseases making a rebound" (cheers & applause) "we do know that pertussis or whooping cough is in the community" >> reporter:in fact contra costa health services immunization coordinator paul leung says the county has experienced infants diagnosed with the disease in 2014 >>"so we've had 4 babies hospitalized this year so far this year, last year we
6:07 pm
had two babies hospitalized definitely we want to prevent any other casesbabies can suddenly stop breathingprotected with vaccines" >> reporter:that is something this mom says she takes very seriously "i have had my vaccination for it and i make sure everyone else in my family is vaccinated as well" >> pam: so far there has just been the one case of whooping cough reported here at morello park elementary schoolin martinez haaziq >> pam: whooping cough -- symptoms first appear as a runny nose. sneezing. and a mild cough. the symptoms can get worse if not treated with anti- biotics. without treatment -- doctors say, a person infected could be contagious for more than a month. >>a dramatic breakup. the boy scouts of americawhy the organization is shutting down a charter. plus -- help for more than a dozen bay area dogs living in deplorable conditions. and bursting into sight. a peak into the meteor showers. that will light up the night sky. next.
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>> pam: what better way to celebrate earth day. than by taking a look at our home planet from space! nasa released this picture taken today of earth. to mark this special day. you can see the swirling clouds and giant continents on the big blue oceans. nasa took these pictures using a statellite that constantly hovers around earth. monitering the atmosphere for severe weather condidtions. >> pam: and selfies have gone global! nasa is kicking off a global selfie event for earth day!
6:11 pm
all you have to do. is snap and then post it using the hashtag "global selfie." you can see some of them on your screen. nasa is planning to use the selfies to create a mosaic image of earth. you can post your photos on twitter, instagram, facebook, google- plus and flickr. go to nasa-sot for more info on how to get your >> pam: earth day by providing it's own fireworks in the form of a meteor shower. the lyrid meteor shower peaked in the early morning hours today. this is nasa video of it from space. the shower comes annually and is expected to last until the 25th. if you missed it this morning, no worries. you can try to see it late tonight starting at midnight. for move info head to
6:12 pm
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
>> pam: a man who was arrested for driving through the presidio what explosives in his car last night has been released from jail. >> pam: authorities say eric smith was stopped by u.s. park police last night. over a traffic violation. near mason street. the driver told police he had fireworks in the back of the car. the bomb squad determined the devices that resembled dynamite. were explosive. and it was detonated
6:15 pm
in a safe location. police arrested smith on suspicion of possessing marijuana. charges in connection with the explosives found in the man's car are still pending. an early morning fight at a nightclub in san francisco resulted in two men getting stabbed. police say it happened after 1-am at a north beach nightclub on broadway. according to police, a 25- year old man got into a which ended when he stabbed them both in their stomachs. >> catherine: with >> pam: they were both taken to the hospital. one of them had life-threatening injuries. were not as serious. police have not released a description of the suspect.
6:16 pm
>> pam: if you live in santa clara might have some money waiting for you. addressofficials say they have nearly 244-thousand dollars in unclaimed money on deposit with the county. the county's department of revenue published a list of about a thousand people who are the potential owners of that money. officials say the unclaimed funds come from a variety of sources. >> pam: haddadincluding restitution payments owed to crime victims. visit s-c-c- gov dot org and click under the "hot items" tab to see if you're owed money. >> pam: if you're on the list.officials say fill out a claim form on theth. >> pam: today marks the somber 10-year anniversary of san jose native pat tillman's death in a friendly fire accident in afghanistan. >> pam: tillman turned down a contract extension in the n-f-l so he could join the army in 2002 after the 9-11 attacks. >> pam: he was killed in a firefight that the army first reported was an enemy ambush. revealed he was killed when friendly u-s forces fired on each other. tillman was 27 years old.
6:17 pm
his widow later created the pat tillman foundation to help provide scholarhips to veterans >> pam: address . >> catherine: beenin ukraine -- violence over the weekend threatens to derail a proposed peace deal reached in geneva. today - the country's acting president ordered security forces to resume what he calls "anti-terror" operations. >> catherine: withthis.after at least 3 died were killed in a clash on sunday -- between ukrainian nationalists and pro-russian insurgents. >> catherine: ukrainian and u-s officials believe that insurgents are intentionally
6:18 pm
trying to stir unrest.something moscow denies. but ukraine says these photos are evidence of organized russian involvement in separatist activity in eastern ukraine. as the crisis shows no signs of easing.vice president joe biden promised continued support for ukraine. biden also says the u-s will pay an additional $50 million dollars to help economic reforms. >> pam: a gay rights group has filed a federal lawsuit same-sex marriages. >> pam: lambda legal filed the behalf of seven people. georgia voters approved a constitutional ban on gay marriage in 2004. the ban has been challenged by gay rights groups in the past, but the supreme court ruled that the vote was what >> pam: the georgia state constitution prohibits same- sex marriage and says such marriages performed in other states aren't legally recognized in georgia. >> pam: a seattle boy scout troop can no longer use the organization's name because of a gay scoutmaster. geoff mcgrath first had his
6:19 pm
scouting credentials revoked after he opened up about his sexuality in an n-b-c news story. >> reporter:now the entire troop has been kicked out. in a letter to parents. boy scouts of america offered a new troop for the kids to join. >> reporter:the troop was chartered through rainier beach united methodist church. mcgrath is currently in italy celebrating his 20th anniversary with his partner. >>except my son. jeff has been an excellent leader. >> reporter:troop leaders are still they will proceed. but they say they aren't splitting
6:20 pm
up >> jacqueline: at a lot of places marshalsea assisting winds like love got up. >> jacqueline:gust still in the 20's and 30's. 28 mile an hour gust in livermore. it will be chi nowlly tom been will be chilly tomorrow morning. 42 degrees in fairfield, and 45 in
6:21 pm
sunnyvale. 60's in the penn insula. upper 60's out there tomorrow. 70's in pitts then notburg when reports >> jacqueline:with the exceptionon of napa, 72 degrees. >> jacqueline: becausewarmer
6:22 pm
weather for next week. >> pam: >> reporter:prom is the biggest event of the year for high schoolers. >> reporter:but one student says she was kicked out of her senior prom because of these red pants >> reporter:a pair of red the center of a cherryville,north carolina high school prom controversy. >> reporter:shafer rupard wanted to wear something a little different to her senior prom. this casual outfit, instead of the traditional gown. that didn't sit well with return to index of
6:23 pm
>>.i was wearing. >> reporter:shafer was promptly escorted out. but she says nowhere in her school's code of conduct or prom invite does it say no red pants allowed. she and her mom are trying to get a straight answer but so far, nothing. except for maybe a lesson in breaking convention. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed.
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get a $1,000 fuel reward card and 0.9% apr for 60 months on tdi models.
6:26 pm
new at six. >> pam: take a look at this. 14 dogs were rescued yesterday from a parked car >> pam: in new in monterey no the current >> pam: and irwin4 adults
6:27 pm
and 10 puppies, all pomeranians and chihuahuas, were found stuffed in dirty crates so crowed the dogs couldn't stand up straight. >> pam: the dog's owner told the s-p-c-a she planned to seel the puppies. >> pam: the animals will undergo a full medical exam followed by lots of t-l-c. >> pam: the s-p-c-a urges people to always research the breeder to avoid supporting negliectful cruel breeders if you are looking for a puppy. return to index of ocean beach visitors may have to deal with some new rules this summer. the national park service has developed a pilot program in hopes of avoiding crimes and mess along the fire burning will only be allowed until 9 pm. and that the five existing pits will be replaced with 10 larger pits. boastspark officials say they have been experiencing ongoing problems along the beach.the pilot program will begin through labor day
6:28 pm
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6:31 pm
>> certainly will push to do what we need to do security -wise here at the airlinesm >> reporter: the yen, told them that he misses his mother in somalia.
6:32 pm
>> reporter:no one would an swer the door. the family seems nice, says neighbors and pretty much keep to themselves. they are glad that the teen is okay. >> we had 4 babies hospitalized with whooping cough. we would like anyone
6:33 pm
around that baby protected by vaccines. >> reporter:fire went to 3- alarms. burned by hot tar from off the firefighter was injured >> reporter:big weather st orm... wind gust with pretty
6:34 pm
strong numbers dying down t onight. for the aftrnnoon the ex tended forecast another b out of rain. mainly friday morning and cooler temps. >> jacqueline:much warmer conditions especially by
6:35 pm
next tuesday. >> catherine: the search for more bodies in south korea continues wednesday morning. the confirmed the death total is at least 128 with 180 people still missing. a single high school near seoul. the disaster continues today crew member said when they tried to uplift the ferry various devices did not work. the distress call came from a
6:36 pm
young boy who used his cellphone. also today for more crew members have been are rested and bringing the total to nine including the captain. they are accused of abetting the shipping and billing to protecting passengers. on the other hand stories of other crew members who died are emerging. workers who handed over their life jackets to passengers and help them get off the boat. >> pam: coming up spiffy hockey competition a look at the best hotels in the world that will have the training of your next vacation. and you have got hacked 800 users to the clintons in the breach to next aol users hacked
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
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>> pam: the network is called the tea and tea you first would get the power oakland and san francisco at the posted are among the cities considered delivered broad business services of 1 gb. the most put eight t n t a one battle similar speed. a at &t >> pam: 9 several users come from the their account was them with others at a zero el. aol >> reporter: where are the
6:41 pm
hottest hotels in the world and then in 2014 list is out. >> reporter: here are some super swanky spot. how did you at this hotel room it for a guard. and russia. this is i and canada. off the beaten path and on the eaves. the baltic he does beach hotel is the mali,. maui ace ho ittel in la hotel ...where is san francisco
6:42 pm
did not make it this year >> pam: the epic tale next
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
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6:46 pm
(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: i thought i caught one person it turned out to be a total stake out. the magical land of 420 is
6:47 pm
interesting because long before you enter the park will have to pass this sign. >> what are you going to do that for a man? >> reporter: ironic the only way to get to ford plant is for 20 highway then turn left at the sign. item >> i am not responsible for anyone passing out. >> reporter: for some people it is a ball, for me is just like chanty fish in a barrel. >> she always want to see people behaving badly. >> reporter: and golden gate park stanley roberts, 4 news.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: the guys as he tries to catch the big catches quiet so it does not scare off tourists. the more people that about it the more people crowd the beach >> it is not what we want >> reporter:the fish will be tagged-released. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month.
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[boy] mom!ughs] [mom] yes? [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom and dad] [laughing] [boy] whoa,whoa,whoa... [mom] you've got two left feet,boo.
6:52 pm
>> reporter: goody the everyone
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> reporter:it's all but official. the warriors are leaving oakland. >> reporter:bound for san francisco - likely in time for the 2018however it won't be at the piers 30-32 site.the one we've been hearing about for the past two years. >> reporter:.that was the gorgeous waterfront location between the bay bridge and at&t park. >> reporter:the team has scrapped those plans.instead purchasing a 12 acre parcel about a mile down the road along 3rd street at area known as mission bay. warriors owner joe lacob is kind enough to join us on it. >> reporter:joe thanks for coming on
6:55 pm
>>it is a major commitment however, we thought that it was worth it. we have a great fan base. we are going to get it done. our target time is 2018. if we can do it fastr it is a possibility,although it is about doing it right.
6:56 pm
>>we have great fans. if yo ure an east bay fan you can drive over the traffic is not that bad or take ad vantage of bart. >>the truth, we did not feel so good last night. but guess what... we are coming back! we have our fans.
6:57 pm
>> pam:see you at 8 robin roberts and her life threatening illness.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. you have been with me through this year or so on my recovery. >> robin opens up about her diagnosis. >> how hard is that? >> i didn't want to bring people down. >> her new book about the struggles. >> my girlfriend amber knew i wouldn't want to be seen the way i was. and the stars on "celebrity cheaters." >> i'm looking forward to when ca it teupton gets cheated on. gaga's boyfriend without his lady. >> and courtney cox brings her new man to letterman. >> new york magazine on how every day people are making millions on social media. >> they have no followers than britney spears. >> is that john legend's baby?
7:00 pm
>> i didn't get anyone pregnant. celebrity news delivered to you 24/7. >> "the deadliest catch" is here. >> hello, welcome to "insider." i'm kevin frazier. >> robin roberts has been on an extraordinary journey the last few years battling breast cancer only to be diagnosed with a blood disorder. >> of the truly goal souls in the world, robin roberts is one of them. >> yesterday i sat down with robin to talk about her new book "everybody has something." it is all about her fight with the rare disease and how with the help of friends and family she made it back from the brink. >> i have my mojo back, my mojo. you have been with me. you have seen me in this past year or so in my recovery. and i'll ask you, how do i look?


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